Sunday, January 31, 2016

31 Jan, 2016: Day 47

Question 1:
The Official Training Bike of Le Tour de France automatically adjusts wind resistance based on what two features of the rider? Answer: height and weight.

Information on the ProForm TDF Pro 4.0 indoor cycle with details on how the unit adjusts "wind resistance" can be found by placing in the search field wind resistance.

Question 2:
The famous defensive tackle who died during a game against the New York Dragons, played in how many games for the Panthers during his career? Answer: twenty.

To look up the biography of the late Al Lucus input in the search field defensive tackle who died "New York Dragons" Panthers.

Question 3:
A fourth generation family member of a squash dynasty, and a four-time all American at Tufts University now coaches at what "Little Ivy" college? Answer: Colby College.

There's a few hoops that you have to jump through to get to the answer. First, I found out that by looking up "Little Ivies" the group of exclusive New England colleges play under an NCAA division called the New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC). Used that with NESCAC coach fourth generation squash dynasty four-time all American "Tufts University". You will find information on Sakhi Khan.

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