Tuesday, January 12, 2016

12 Jan, 2016: Day 29

Question 1:
In April of 1993, a team record was set by the New York Mets for the largest attendance on opening day as they played a shutout against what team? Answer: Colorado Rockies.

When given a moment to think about it the query is very simple to compose. Try New York Mets opening day 1993. You will see search results that if you dig within them it will point you to the correct answer.

Question 2:
Near what sea is the actual lighthouse where British inserts were filmed for "Fraggle Rock"? Answer: Celtic Sea.

I know one particular artist who is a huge Fraggle Rock fan. You wouldn't think so, given her accomplishments and all, but there you go. I was going to call her up and asked this question, but that would have been outside the bounds of this blog post. So inserting "Fraggle Rock" British sea is the closest thing I can do without waking her up. The lighthouse that appears in the external scenes is St. Anthony's Lighthouse. Insert St. Anthony's Lighthouse into Google Maps. Expand out until you see a title in the sea off to the southwest.

Question 3:
In the 8th edition of "Human Geography: People Place and Culture", chapter 9 is devoted to what subject? Answer: Urban Geography.

This is a solution that is outside of Google. Go to Worldcat.org and look up the book with the edition.

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