Saturday, January 2, 2016

02 Jan, 2016: Day 23

Question 1:
At the time he was offered the role of Albert in "War Horse", what part did the actor say he was playing onstage? Answer: tree.

For clarification were talking about Steven Spielberg's film adaptation of War Horse. Now knowing the actor you could go to Wikipedia and get the answer lickety-split, but that's no fun. Try instead Jeremy Irvine interview theatre. In the first page of search results you'll see interviews for his time at the Royal Shakespeare Company playing the part of an elm.

Question 2:
ABCS helps students of anatomy recall what? Answer: aortic branches.

This took most of my time because I got sidetracked. Being an online researcher doesn't pay the bills as much as one would think, I was thinking about taking an EMT class. If you're interested you can go on a tangent with ABCS medic. Try instead abcs anatomy mnemonic. You'll find out when you know your ABC'S that means "Aortic arch gives rise to: Brachiocephalic trunk left Common Carotid left Subclavian." Now you know why doctors get paid so much.

Question 3:
From what kind of facility was the founder and leader of the Mormons escaping when he was shot and killed? Answer: jail.

Joseph Smith was the founder and leader of the Latter-Day Saint movement prior to his death at the hands of an angry mob. You can find out more information on this heinous crime of democracy by typing Joseph Smith death into the search field. Like a number of civil rights campaigners 120 years in the future jail can be a ugly place to escape a mob.

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