Tuesday, January 5, 2016

05 Jan, 2016: Day 26

Question 1:
As a testament to its adaptability in urban areas, what kind of animal strolled into a popular sandwich shop in the Chicago Loop area in the spring of 2007? Answer: coyote.

This happens in mostly every major American city, a wild animal goes on a sightseeing stroll in the city or takes out time to shop at the mall. Let's see if we can find this occurrence. Let's use sandwich shop chicago loop 2007 to get web pages on this. Click on News for a news article on the event. "A coyote walks into a Chicago Quiznos and asks to order a sub...." Type Facebook Angry Birds launch country.

Question 2:
Who wrote the biggest hit of the performer who has five stars along Hollywood Boulevard? Answer: Johnny Marks.

This a two part question: who has five stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and if the singer didn't write that hit song then who did? five stars hollywood walk of fame yields the talented star Gene Autry. Looking at his Wikipedia page for hit songs you'll find "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer", one of two number one songs in his career. Wikipedia page for "Rudolph" states someone else wrote the song and that it was covered by Mr. Autry. The same information could be had by using "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" songwriter.

Question 3:
At what school did the man who was the great grandson of one president and the grandson of another president become a history professor in the 1870's? Answer: Harvard University.

For those who don't know there was one family in the U.S. that had two presidents in the 19th century, the Adams. A list of presidents will confirm that. Okay, having that information the search query would be: adams grandson great grandson university professor 1870. You'll get Henry Adams, and the school he taught at.

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