Thursday, January 21, 2016

21 Jan, 2016: Day 37

Question 1:
What "character" did Plato use in his writing to convey his own views? Answer: Socrates.

Plato was not the first to insert words into Socrates' mouth. But that is something that you can explore on your own, using the following search query as a seed. Begin with Plato writing character. You will see refernces within the search results of Plato using Socrates as a literary sock puppet.

Question 2:
As of 2012, of the 65 living members of the "National Baseball Hall of Fame", twenty of them played what position? Answer: 2nd base.

I will say that I used the hint. When I found (use living "baseball hall of fame" members, go to Search Tools and set the day for 1 Jan, 2012-31 Dec, 2012) a newsletter listing the living Hall of Famers I knew that I would have to brute force looking a number.

Question 3:
The main character in the Broadway production of "Jersey Boys" was the lead singer for a band that celebrated their first commercial release in what year? Answer: 1953.

Did you have a hard time with this question too? It's not you, the answer is wrong. Let's stick to Wikipedia for this query. Look up the play Jersey Boys. The lead character is Frankie Valli, who was the lead in the rock/pop band The Four Seasons. Look up both the singer and the band according.

This is where the question goes off the rails.

Frankie Valli had a career prior to the The Four Seasons' first record single in 1961 (the correct answer). His first commercial release, "My Mother's Eyes" was in 1953. This date Google confused with The Four Seasons' release.

Special thanks to long distance relationship blogger Giby Cruz of My So-Called Life, for working with me through the broken logic of this question.

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