Friday, January 22, 2016

22 Jan, 2016: Day 38

Question 1:
Silphion, a spice which became known after the foundation of Kyrene in the 7th century, has its origin on what continent? Answer: Africa.

Look up Silphion or ancient Kyrene. Both will lead you to the answer that the spice was associated with a ancient Greek city near Shahhat, Libya. If you ever take an ancient sexuality course you will hear about this plant being a natural contraceptive and how humans rendered it extinct.

Question 2:
What comedy filmed in black and white in the 1960's in less than 7 weeks, featuring a "clean old man", was rated by Time magazine as one of the all time great 100 films? Answer: A Hard Day's Night.

Use in the search field: "clean old man" film to come up with the title of the film.

Question 3:
What do scientists call the "aliens" and odd organisms that live below the bottom of the ocean? Answer: interaterrestrials.

Taking all that Google supplied, including the first letter of the word but not the hint, I used name animals under ocean floor aliens to come up with the answer. FYI this term covers any organism whose habitat makes up a deep subsurface biosphere, just not in the sea. For example, Russian scientists found methanogenic microorganisms in oilfield water samples.

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