Thursday, December 24, 2015

24 Dec, 2015: Day 14

Question 1:
Who was the principle author of the law that was intended to amend the National Labor Relations Act? Answer: J. Mack Swigert.

For those not familiar with how Congress works a bill is seldom written by the representative or senator that sponsors it. A lot of times bills are written by staffers, a few times by lobbyists. You would need to first look up information on the National Labor Relations Act and amendments. "National Labor Relations Act" amendment will get you the Labor Management Relations Act. It's not easy to see, but this part is on several results of the first page. Insert "Labor Management Relations Act" author into the search field to finalize the search. In this instance it was written by a former colleague of Sen. Taft.

Question 2:
Of the Romans "group of three" gods in the Archaic Triad, which one did not have a Greek counterpart? Answer: Quirinus.

Look up Archaic Triad. Google will tell you the three gods with in this triad are Jupiter, Mars and Quirinus. For those unfamiliar with Greco-Roman mythology you can use Google to quickly give a complimentary Greek deities. Using the Roman goddess Venus for example, type Venus Greek mythology. On that first page of results you'll find out the Greek counterpoint to Venus is Aphrodite. You can do the same for the Archaic Triad.

Question 3:
In what Broadway musical did the wife of the star of "Ferris Bueller" have the lead role for one year, beginning in 1979? Answer: Annie.

Start by looking up "Ferris Bueller". Google will respond by telling you the full name of the film, Ferris Bueller's Day Off. On the first page you'll see the IMDb page for this movie, which includes the actor who plays the character Ferris Bueller, Matthew Broderick. His Wikipedia page cites that he's married to Sarah Jessica Parker of Sex and The City fame Sarah Jessica Parker Broadway should give you a page of results leading to the answer.

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