Saturday, December 19, 2015

19 Dec, 2015: Day 9

Question 1:
Richard Petty Motorsports created a team for Michael Annett to compete in the 2012 Nationwide Championship, with what chain of truck stops sponsoring his car? Answer: Pilot Flying J.

Insert Michael Annett 2012 sponsor into the search field. A number of results on the first page have the sponsor listed.

Question 2:
Which landmark pictured on Segovia’s coat of arms is believed by local legend to have been built by the devil? Answer: aqueduct.

There are several ways to solve this. The easiest way is to look at Segovia’s coat of arms. Type Segovia coat of arms into the search field. If you want to make sure it is the aqueduct, or you're just in doubt, Segovia coat of arms landmark devil.

Question 3:
According to the Australian government, the state that has the longest border equals what percent of the country's total border length? Answer: (unable to solve)

The solution could be rather troublesome. For example do they mean the internal borders, or the demarcation on the shoreline? Is that also include the islands? That's what I mean by being troublesome. FYI: math was never my strong suit.

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