Wednesday, December 16, 2015

16 Dec, 2015: Day 6

Question 1:
The south end of what footbridge is very near the famous theater where Ann Hathaway's husband staged his plays? Answer: Millennium Bridge.

After looking up Adam Shulman on a variety of sites I asked for a hint and threw a Hail Mary for the answer. I tried to find a link between a Millennium Bridge and Adam Shulman by looking first for sources on American built versions. Found two, on in Chicago and the other in Denver. Both not near theatres.

Question 2:
Stewart-Haas Racing made an agreement with Tommy Baldwin Racing that guaranteed what female driver a spot in the 2012 Sprint Cup Opener? Answer: Danica Patrick.

"Stewart-Haas Racing" "Tommy Baldwin Racing" 2012 Sprint Cup. Look at one of the racing teams web sites that was on the first page for a press release to announce Ms. Patrick.

Question 3:
What series of four bills was signed into law by John Adams to squash the activities of radicals who sympathized with the French Revolution? Answer: Alien and Sedition Acts.

"John Adams" French Revolution four laws lead to a few sites that referred to the Acts. All relevant information was on the first page.

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