Sunday, December 13, 2015

13 Dec, 2015: Day 3

Question 1:
What star in the Milky Way passes all five tests scientists require for it to be a candidate for extraterrestrial life? Answer: Alpha Centauri A.

After inputting 5 tests life on planet star and getting Tau Ceti, I tried 5 tests life on star "Milky Way". One of the first pages was from Lawrence Berkeley National Labs with the correct answer.

Question 2:
Who played, Delores, the girlfriend of the eponymous lead character in the mostly-true Tim Burton film about the legendary director of notoriously bad movies? Answer: Sarah Jessica Parker.

Okay this one was easy because I was a mass media minor in college and Ed Wood was covered in the first day's class of film history(he was also extra credit for an exam).What if you didn't know Ed Wood or seen the film?  Try character Delores "Tim Burton". The first page is IMDb about the 1994 film Ed Wood. Look in the list of characters for Dolores Fuller.

Question 3:
In a famous King Crimson debut album cover, the character's terrified eyes are looking down towards what side of his body? Answer: Right.

Using Google Image, king crimson covers. Plenty of images that match that description, I used the image from English Wikipedia.

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