Thursday, December 17, 2015

17 Dec, 2015: Day 7

Question 1:
Who presented Tonga's royal family with the animal that, when he died, was believed to be one of the longest-living animals on record? Answer: Captain James Cook.

oldest tortoise tonga will direct you straight to several pages describing the radiated tortoise and the gentleman who brought it to Tonga's royal family as a gift.

Question 2:
In season eight of "House", in the first episode after the holiday break, Foreman has to make a decision on whether or not to remove what device? Answer: ankle monitor.

This was a Wikipedia hack. I looked up a page that had a list of the television episodes for the series. Every episode had a plot description.

Question 3:
What Swedish taxonomist created binomial nomenclature? Answer: Carolus Linnaeus.

The fastest way to figure this out is inserting in the search bar: binomial nomenclature creator. You will have to play around with the name, so be sure to use LC Name Authority File for optional names. \(*_*)/

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