Tuesday, December 22, 2015

22 Dec, 2015: Day 12

Question 1:
What tactics did Germany use in France, forcing a desperate British withdrawal at Dunkirk? Answer: blitzkrieg.

Most people heard of blitzkrieg in relation to the early days of World War 2, but not knowing it was part of the shock and awe inflicted on the British that lead to the evacuation at Dunkirk. Insert Dunkirk German tactics into the search field. It's not visable on the first page of results, but it's there.

Question 2:
What new malware hacked 45,000 Facebook accounts early in January 2012? Answer: Ramnit.

Search for malware hacked Facebook January 2012. You will see in the first page of search results the name of the computer worm.

Question 3:
What explosion in the upper solar atmosphere releases about as much energy as millions of 100-megaton hydrogen bombs exploding simultaneously? Answer: Solar flares.

Type explosion upper solar atmosphere into the search field. A number of results on the first page name solar flares.

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