Sunday, December 20, 2015

20 Dec, 2015: Day 10

Note: I went out to the movies last night with some friends and I didn't return home until 3 A.M. EDT. The only puzzle I was thinking about at that time was a shower and bed. Will have the search guides up around the same time as the next post.

Question 1:
What element on the periodic table is named after the European capital where it was discovered in 1923? Answer: Hafnium.

This is very easy. Type element discovered 1923 into the search field. You will see a Wikipedia entry on the element.

Question 2:
Who was appointed to the High Court of Australia on the same day that the first woman was appointed to that bench? Answer: John Toohey.

Type first woman appointed "High Court of Australia" into the search field. You will see a Wikipedia entry Mary Gaudron (which you will need) and list of judges of the High Court of Australia in order. Follow down to her name.

Question 3:
The creator of the first fantasy baseball league draft kept track of the players by hand and pulled statistics from what sports magazine? Answer: The Sporting News.

This is a hard one, the creator was a sports writer and that will throw off your searches. First find the creator of fantasy baseball. Next type "daniel okrent" fantasy baseball statistics magazine into the search field. You will see a result from a blogger with the information.

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