Saturday, February 27, 2016

27 Feb, 2016: Day 74

Question 1:
Stewart-Haas Racing made an agreement with Tommy Baldwin Racing that guaranteed what female driver a spot in the 2012 Sprint Cup Opener? Answer: Danica Patrick.

Please see Day 6 for the explanation..

Question 2:
What famous college football coach was a "letterman" in 4 sports during his college years, and whose overall coaching record was 142-72-18? Answer: Homer Norton.

This question is in relation to the one posted on Day 1. For a solution try inputting in the search field 142-72-18 sports record.

Question 3:
What city is the setting of the first of two Pulitzer Prize-winning plays by the man who introduced us to Blanche and Brick? Answer: New Orleans.

If you studied theater you would know the charaters from Tennessee Williams' work, A Streetcar Named Desire being the most famous. You can find it by using Pulitzer Prize-winning plays Blanche as a seed of your search. When you find the play note the setting.

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