Tuesday, February 2, 2016

2 Feb, 2016: Day 49

Question 1:
What river is impassable by man in Arunachal Pradesh and joins the Ganga River in Bangladesh? Answer: Brahmaputra.

Try looking up the answer by usingArunachal Pradesh impassable river as the search query. The answer is within the search results.

Question 2:
Describing the reporter people loved to hate, what late columnist, born in Fort Benning, wrote, "Very few people liked Howard Cosell... but that's the point..."? Answer: Lewis Grizzard.

In the search field type the quote "Very few people liked Howard Cosell... but that's the point...". Mr Grizzard's name is listed in the search results.

Question 3:
What’s in the mouth of the cat that’s tattooed on the ankle of the actor who received a star at 6259 Hollywood Boulevard in July 2010? Answer: Tweety Bird.

There are several ways to get to what was on Marky Mark's leg. The first way is to plug in the address to find out what stars are at that location: star 6259 Hollywood Boulevard. Remember, tattoos were considered edgy until 20, 30 years ago, so that fact could be used as a filter. Another suggestion would be to use hollywood walk of fame July 2010. Afterwards, hone into the answer by typing Mark Wahlberg tattoos leg to get to the Warner Bros. cartoon characters.

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