Friday, February 12, 2016

12 Feb, 2016: Day 59

Question 1:
What is the name of the facility where Holly goes each week to visit Salvatore Tomato? Answer: Sing Sing.

Please see Day 31 for the explanation.

Question 2:
The longest tennis match in history was played over three days and included how many strokes by the American born player? Answer: 1094.

After spending a few hours understanding the game and trying to dig out statistics on this game I finally settled on using tennis strokes longest game -rally to start the search. On the resulting page is a number that will answer Goggle's question. Take 2198 strokes tennis and you will find details on one of the greatest tennis matches in living memory.

Question 3:
Ancient myth believed that beneath Mount Etna a mighty giant was buried. Who was believed to have hurled this giant from heaven? Answer: Jove.

Try using as your search term Mount Etna mythology then Enceladus mythology. Contained is the story of Enceladus, one of the race of Giants, who in the war against the Olympian Gods was the foe of Athena. The island of Sicily was created when she threw a mountain at him as he fled. According to Wikipedia it was Zeus(Jove) who directed Athena to carry out this act. I will have to consult an expert. Stay tuned.

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