Tuesday, February 16, 2016

16 Feb, 2016: Day 63

Question 1:
The cities of Amsterdam, including Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht make up what area that is home to more than 40% of the population of The Netherlands? Answer: Randstad.

You can look up the answer to this question by using Amsterdam Rotterdam "The Hague" Utrecht area 40% to find out it's one of Northern Europe's largest megalopolises.

Question 2:
What is another name for the hourly time signal or GTS first broadcast by the RGO in 1924? Answer: pips.

Place in the search field GTS RGO. The answer is within the search results.

Question 3:
What comedians were the inspiration for the names of the two hungry cats in the short that marked Tweety Bird's first appearance? Answer: Abbott & Costello.

This question will take a few leaps. To get going type Tweety Bird first appearance to find out the name of the cartoon short, "A Tale Of Two Kitties". The comic duo is within the search results.

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