Monday, January 11, 2016

11 Jan, 2016: Day 28

Question 1:
An NFL game was given the nickname "Ghost to the Post", as a result of two memorable plays by a great receiver and blocker who played college ball at what university? Answer: Notre Dame.

It's easier to look up the answer to this question by following a chain of queries. First, "Ghost to the Post", in search results you'll find out is the name of a particular game involving David Casper, "The Ghost". By looking at his Wikipedia entry you'll find out what college he attended.

Question 2:
In 1578, a high lama of the Gelug school was given the name "Dalai Lama.” What does the Sino-Mongolian translation of "dalai" mean in English? Answer: ocean.

Using Dalai Lama translation, the search results will pull up the full translation for Tenzin Gyatso's title. Dalai Lama translates to "Ocean teacher".

Question 3:
The Icon body slammed "The Eighth Wonder of the World" at what sporting event in front of close to 100,000 people? Answer: WrestleMania III.

First, place "The Eighth Wonder of the World" sporting event slammed Icon. We find out that it was a WWE Wrestlemania event the two titans clash at. But which one? The search results are rather ambiguous. Try Wrestlemania "Andre the giant" "Hulk Hogan" to come up with the answer. Be sure to use Roman numerals.

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