Monday, January 4, 2016

04 Jan, 2016: Day 25

Question 1:
In 2012, it was announced that the Facebook version of a popular App with pigs would be available on a February holiday, and launched in what country? Answer: Indonesia.

That you know, I couldn't answer the question without splitting it into two queries. First, what app was being launched in February 2012 that involved pigs: use February 2012 Facebook app launch pigs to get the news of Angry Birds' debut on the platform. Finally, we need to know what country it first made it appearance. Type Facebook Angry Birds launch country.

Question 2:
Who, while working as an apprentice compositor, wrote articles under the pseudonym "Aristides"? Answer: William Lloyd Garrison.

If you are wondering, the abolitionist and suffragist William Lloyd Garrison was a rather famous person for his day. You can find him by inputting into the search bar compositor articles pseudonym Aristides.

Question 3:
Which form of logic did George Boole introduce in the 19th century? Answer: Boolean logic.

Type George Boole into the search field to come up with the answer. Oh my, you are using boolean logic: George+Boole.

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