Sunday, February 14, 2016

Shadow Index, #013: Susan DeLucci

For this exercise I'm going to make an attempt at debunking a perverted urban myth, Susan DeLucci, a deceased zoophile with a lobster fetish.

When looking this up I didn't remember the full story, it was just to odd to wrap my mind around(it's at least 16 years old). Woman intercourse lobster tells of a young Maine residence, who used a live lobster as a masturbation device. Comedy ensues and she winds up dead from blunt force trauma.

Is the story true? Just looking further into first page of search results we come across a name, Susy DeLucci.

Looking up Susy DeLucci I found that I was not the only one asked if this happened. Dan Savage of Savage Love didn't just look at the Internet, he called the police department in the town where this supposedly took place. I use supposedly because the receptionist on the other in was quite miffed about another inquirer to this story, which they said was false and never took place. He did some more digging and confirmed what the authorities in Kittery, Maine said.

As sick and twisted as the story was it couldn't stand up to the scrutiny of a phone call to the very authorities that supposedly found the body.

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